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Floor Lamps are some of the most frequently used lamps in our homes. Because of its mobility and versatility, one can practically use the floor lamp at any area that needs lighting. Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and study rooms are just a few of the areas that we see the floor lamps in use. Floor lamps are also a popular choice for rental homes since it is easy to pack and carry when it’s time to move to the next rental apartment.


Floor lamps are very stylish as well, and often affordable. Together with table lamps, they offer some of the best style for the price. Because of its, tall and gracious look, floor lights usually become one of the focal points of the area where they are being used.  There are dozens of styles one can find when looking for a floor standing lamp.


The ones we see most often are the floor lamps with shades. While many have classic drum shades, shoppers can also see the use of different shapes and materials for the shade. Another style is called torchieres. Torchiere table lamps, as their name suggests, look like torches. This means that the light is facing up, and the bottom of the lamp is closed. They look like inverted pendants, but instead of hanging from the ceiling, they have a leg to stand on. Some Torchieres also have multiple arms that can be adjusted.


Speaking of adjustable lamps, another designer favorite is the arched floor lamp. Arched lamps come with a very slim frame and in most cases the arch of the lamp is adjustable. When fully retracted, these lamps look more like regular floor lamps. When needed, one can extend the arching arm of the lamp to provide more direct lighting over, say, a seating area or a dining table. Another type of adjustable floor lamp is the reading floor lamp. Many think of table lamps when they need a reading light. However, there are really amazing study and reading floor lamps that can give your study room a new design twist. Thank you for visiting Chester Lighting

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