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Tri-state area around New York City arguably has the highest density of condominiums in the country. The city life and the cost of living drives people towards condo living. When it comes to interior design, single-family homes and condos require different approaches and solutions. What works great for a house in Long Island probably won’t work for a loft in midtown Manhattan.


Due to more restricted space and lighting conditions compared to houses and townhomes, condos and lofts require a different approach when it comes to selecting light fixtures. Another factor affecting these decisions is that a large number of condo residents rent their living spaces. Therefore, more compact lamps that are easy to install and carry are often preferred.


When we think about the above conditions, a few options come to mind. For ceiling fixtures, pendant lamps and flush mounts are ideal for condos, depending on the ceiling height. These fixtures are light and compact, yet many models are very stylish and capable of improving the interior décor significantly. For lofts, large pendants are the way to go for ceiling lights. In condo units with regular ceilings, besides flush mounts, rail lights also work really well.


If you do not want to deal with installing ceiling fixtures, stylish floor and ceiling lamps can provide ample lighting while being compact enough to carry around. Condo bathrooms are generally small, therefore bath bars fit better than sconces. In the kitchen area, one can use flush mounts and rail lights for the general lighting. Many lofts have a kitchen bar area as the extension of the kitchen counter, and mini pendants are great for this section. There are mini pendants that come as a set of three or more, with the need of only a single electrical box. A set of mini pendants will both provide ample lighting and style.

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