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Shop chandeliers for your home, select styles like crystal, modern, black, brass and more

A chandelier adds an element of drama to your home like nothing else can. Elegance, warmth, and unique style can all be achieved with the addition of a chandelier. Here are some interesting ways to use chandeliers in your home:

In the bathroom

An elegant chandelier hung over the tub in the bathroom can provide a beautiful ambiance. Imagine relaxing in a full bubble bath while a crystal chandelier casts a dancing light around the room. Be sure to add a dimmer light to create a more intimate atmosphere.

In the dining room

If you haven't thought of replacing a bland overhead light with a chandelier in the dining room, now is the time. Choose a whimsical chandelier, or a beautiful crystal chandelier that casts pretty light around the room. Babies love to gaze at them, and a chandelier is an unexpected touch in the dining room. It's also a wonderful idea for a young girl's bedroom.

Above a kitchen island

It's common to see a chandelier over a dining room table, but what about trying one over the kitchen island? It is a different take on pendant lights, and with the incredible variety of chandeliers to choose from, you're sure to find one that matches your kitchen style. A brass chandelier is an excellent choice in the kitchen, as brass and gold are making a big comeback in today's kitchens. If you have a smaller kitchen island, why not try a mini chandelier?

Over your bed

The master bedroom is the ideal place to try a chandelier. It immediately adds a romantic element to the bedroom, bringing a feeling of intimacy and warmth into the room. Placing it directly over the bed is a good design choice. Make sure you have enough ceiling height to give adequate space between the fixture and the bed. If your ceilings aren't tall enough, consider hanging two matching chandeliers over the side tables. This is another spot where two mini chandeliers are a great fit.

In the hallway

The transition spaces in your home don't have to be boring. Replace traditional hallway lighting with a chandelier and you've got instant style impact. A modern chandelier is a great choice for hallways because of their sleek look. Add an accent rug and some pictures and you've created a mini room out of your hallway.

In the closet

You wouldn't normally think of using a chandelier in a closet, but with many of today's walk-in closets resembling upscale dressing rooms, the idea makes sense. Whether you choose a modern chandelier to match your storage solutions, or a crystal chandelier to give a touch of class to your dressing area, it's a treat for the senses that will delight you every time you open the door.

A chandelier in an unexpected place is a wonderful addition to any home. Whether large or small, chandeliers capture the imagination and add a unique element to your rooms.