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Wall Lighting

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Wall lighting is another great way to illuminate spaces and rooms in your home or office. Adding a vanity light fixture or adding wall sconces in hallways will make your space look and feel brighter and elegant. Wall lights can be installed in bathrooms, hallways, entryways, dining and living rooms and bedrooms.

There are many styles of wall lights available in the market today from modern wall sconces to traditional wall sconces. Modern wall sconce lights are available with LED and halogen bulbs where the more traditional ones usually come with incandescent bulbs. Most of these wall fixtures can be used with wall dimmers. When it comes to Led wall lights, one must make that the LED is dimmable. Contemporary wall lights for bedroom or bathroom are usually available with polished chrome or brushed nickel metal finishes. The finish or color options are countless and different manufacturers offer different colors on their glass shades or on the metal parts of the fixtures.

Bathroom is another place where you can use sconce or bath vanity lighting above or on the sides of the vanity mirror. Depending of the size of the vanity you can use one single large vanity light or use two separate ones side by side. Installing vanity lights in bathroom is a very simple task. You can install your vanity light fixture facing up or facing down depending on the type of the fixture.

Bulbs types for wall lighting can vary. Not every wall light uses the same type of light bulb, some uses incandescent candle base bulbs while others use halogen or LED bulbs. Most wall sconces are fitted with medium base sockets for easy installation. Hardware stores carry medium base LED bulbs as well as fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs that will fit in your fixture. Making sure the wattage of the light bulbs are good enough for your room size and will provide enough lighting.

At we carry all types of wall lighting, flush mount lighting, chandeliers, outdoor lighting, landscape lighting and more. Whether you are remodeling or shopping for light fixtures for your new home, we are sure that you will find everything you need in our showrooms located throughout New Jersey. Chester Lighting has 4 convenient locations to help you find the perfect wall sconce lights or floor lamps for your house. Shop our great selection for table lamps, designer style dining and living room decor and light fixtures at discount prices. Our highly experienced lighting professionals will help you with your home lighting project whether creating a new landscape lighting layout or just deciding on the type of fixture that you would like to have hanging in your patio or entryway.



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